5 Top Tik Tokers to Follow in Veganuary

What is Veganuary?

Veganuary is a challenge that takes place across the month of January in which you change your diet and consume only plant-based foods. That means no longer eating meat, dairy or eggs.  If you’ve yet to come across the term, you may be wondering what is the point of Veganuary? There can be many benefits in reducing your consumption of animal products. A vegan diet can be great for your health, encouraging you to eat more fruit and veg. Whilst also reducing your carbon footprint and helping you do your bit for the environment. 

Veganuary aims to raise awareness of the diet and its benefits, whilst demonstrating how easy it can be to be vegan.  It’s goal is to encourage people to consume more plant-based foods. Whether that be by practicing full time veganism, vegetarianism or just taking part in the occasional meatless Monday!

If you are interested in jumping on the Veganuary bandwagon, or have already started the challenge, here are a few of our favourite Tik Tokers to follow for plant based tips, motivation and the best Veganuary recipes.


  1. @fitgreenmind


Maya Leinenbach, the content creator behind Fit Green Mind makes the most indulgent, mouth watering vegan recipes and doesn’t shy away from flavour. She manages to veganise the unexpected from chicken wings to cheesecake! Along with creating Veganuary solutions to all of your non-vegan favourites using just plant based ingredients. Her content is so digestible and easy to follow along to. We highly recommend giving her a follow if you are missing any of your most loved non-vegan foods this January. Her message is that being vegan shouldn’t mean having to give up foods you love! Find her page here.


  1. @iamtabithabrown 


Also known as “Your Tik Tok Mom”, Tabitha Brown, owner of LA vegan restaurant ‘Kale My Name’, creates cozy, feel good dishes. She is most famous for her vegan pulled pork recipe made from mushrooms. Along with producing a range of hearty vegan food content she offers general wellness tips, affirmations and thoughts for the day. If you are in need of mood boosting food this Veganuary along with a friendly face, you can find Tabitha’s page here. 


  1. @thekoreanvegan


If you are a fan of Korean food, Joanne “the Korean vegan” is your go to for veganising any and all traditional Korean dishes this Veganuary. Her content offers a relaxing space to sit back and listen to her insights into food and intelligent musings about life. Joanne’s Kimbap on the go lunch boxes and vegan rice paper chicken will have your mouth watering. From collaborations with Killing Eve’s Sandra Oh, to offering stories about traditional Korean cooking, her content will surely peak your interest this Veganuary. Find her page here. 


  1. @bakinghermann


An untraditional choice for this list as Julius Fiedler, the creator behind Bakinghermann is not fully plant-based himself. However, given his commitment to posting only vegan recipes this Veganuary, along with the fact he can empathise with those coming from a meat-based background, we thought we’d add him to our list. Join him on his journey this month, so far he’s experimented with a range of cuisines from Thai to Italian. Julius’ content for the most part outside of Veganuary talks about fighting for food transparency, and eating sustainably. We’d recommend keeping up with him post Veganuary! Check him out here. 


  1. @onegreatvegan


Also known as “the singing chef”, Gabrielle Reyes’ genuine personality shines through in her content, as does her singing. The food she creates is as vibrant as her personality, if you’re a fan of tropical fruit, colourful veggies and are partial to a bit of singing whilst you’re cooking, you might be a fan of Gabrielle’s. If you have a sweet tooth you’ll love some of her desserts such as her french toast dippers and her “perfect” chocolate chip cookies. Check her page out here.


If you’re looking to try and add some plant-based dishes into your routine this Veganuary, why not check out our full menu to see our vegan and veggie meal prep options.