5 Food & Drink Hacks to Improve Your Overall Health & Fitness

Many of us are constantly looking at how we can switch things up a little to become healthier, fitter, slimmer and stronger than ever before.

At Prep, we’re all about helping you to achieve all of your overall health and fitness goals, and we’ve put together 5 simple food and drink hacks that you can start implementing into your daily routine right now…

Hack 1: Stick to whole grain bread

Many of you already know that eating white bread is pretty much a diet don’t these days, which is why opting for whole grain bread instead, is way more beneficial for all you bread eaters out there.

Whilst not many whole grain breads actually have fewer calories than white breads, they do contain more fiber, which keeps you feeling fuller for longer. So by eating more whole grain breads, you’ll end up eating fewer calories later on.

Whole grains also tend to provide much more fiber than refined white bread, along with more vitamins and minerals. But make sure to properly account for whole grain bread in your daily calorie intake as eating too much of it can still cause you to add pounds.

Keep a look out for 100% whole grain or wheat on the package when purchasing your next loaf of bread.

Hack 2: Change up your coffee and tea traits

We understand a lot of us need that warming start to our busy working day, with a caffeine injecting coffee or cup of tea. However, changing the way you take your coffee or tea can make a big difference to enhancing your health and fitness lifestyle.

By adding stuff like extra sugar etc to our hot beverages the calorie count can quickly start to rise with each cup consumed. Try taking your tea or coffee black, or if you just can’t bare to take a sip without a splash of the white stuff, then use a little unsweetened almond milk. This often contains a lot less calories than even skimmed milk, and this simple swap will help give your health and fitness regime a boost every time you decide to brew up.

Also, you could always take advantage of some green tea, which is often packed with antioxidants and amino acids, to speed up metabolism and increase dopamine levels in the brain.

Hack 3: Best to bake and forego frying

So lowering our fat consumption is essential when we start to become more physically active with a new health and fitness regime. And one of the best ways to lower fat intake in your diet is to switch from deep fried to baked or even grilled foods.

We are all pretty much already aware that fried foods, of any kind, aren’t good for us. Whenever we deep-fry, pan-fry or stir-fry foods, this can lead to a high absorption of added fat, and fried foods are often linked to various health problems such as heart disease.

By baking foods in the oven, you can avoid added fat, as it will tend to drain out during cooking. Many minerals and water-soluble vitamins, such as vitamin C and the B vitamins, will be retained. Also you won’t need to cook using oils at all when baking, which will further reduce your fat intake.

Hack 4: Allay your alcohol intake

As well as hacking the way you take your hot drinks, like tea and coffee, why not change up the way you drink alcohol, as this can quickly have a huge impact on your overall health and fitness.

Easing up on your alcohol consumption can be very beneficial, mainly because alcoholic drinks can not only contain many calories, but that they also weaken the body’s ability to process fat by damaging the liver over time.

Consuming a few beers or glasses of wine every single night could negatively affect any fitness or weight loss progress you’re attempting to make. By cutting the alcoholic drinks down to just one or maybe two nights during the week, you’ll soon be reaping further health boosting benefits.

Hack 5: Switch up that sweet yearning for some yoghurt

We all crave a cheeky late-night snack every now and again, and things like chocolate bars and ice cream tubs can seem like they’re calling out to us. But there is a healthier snack option to choose when you feel those late-night yearnings, some healthy yoghurt.

Swapping out that chunk of chocolate for some yoghurt is easy, and can give you access to some bacteria cultures that can aid digestion and improve the immune system.

Yoghurts can contain a strong amount of calcium, which can help to break down fat cells and they can also provide plenty of protein to aid in muscle repair. Opting for a healthy nutritious yoghurt to satisfy your snacking habits will soon get your fitness goals on the right track.

At Prep Perfect, we understand the importance of getting the right mix of nutritious rich food into your health and fitness regime.

Which is why we can deliver freshly prepared, delicious and tailored meals directly to you, leaving you to dedicate more time and energy to getting fitter, healthier and happier.

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