Winter exercise ideas to get you warmed up

Winter is coming. Now that the clocks have gone back, you might be wondering how to get started with your winter exercise routine. Whether you like to take long walks or are a seasonal runner, we’re going to give you a few pointers on how to stay fit during the colder months. Let’s start with the warm-up!

How to motivate yourself to exercise in winter

A huge part of your morning warm-up is getting the energy to drag yourself out of bed. It’s no secret that our energy levels dip during the winter, but doing something small for yourself like planning your gym outfit the night before can go a long way. Here’s a few things you could try to help with your motivation this winter:


  • Make a new playlist – there’s no use listening to your summer soundtrack when it’s chilly outside! You’ll only long for daylight and warmth, so make sure you regularly switch up your Spotify playlists (by the way, Taylor Swift’s new album is out in November, if you need any inspiration).
  • Try a different gym class – you’ll soon warm up when you’ve got a new instructor telling you what to do!



Why is it hard to workout in winter?


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