Tips For Bodybuilding Success As A Vegetarian

Bodybuilding meal prep can seem problematic, especially when you’re looking to build muscle mass whilst sticking to a vegetarian only diet. With all the talk of packing in as much protein as possible in order to achieve success, it can seem like you’re facing an uphill struggle.

However, whilst it’s true that protein is an essential nutrient as far as building muscle is concerned, you don’t always need to include copious amounts of it to make your bodybuilding meal prep effective. Cutting out meat products doesn’t mean you’re giving up on your muscle building and fitness goals, as there are numerous ways you can achieve bodybuilding success as a vegetarian.

Focus on getting enough calories

Building muscle requires the right amount of nutrients and even as a vegetarian you need to make sure you’re consuming sufficient calories to get those gains. If you don’t consume enough calories, your body won’t be able to use those extra nutrients for body repair and growth. It won’t matter how many heavy weights you lift, without the excess calories, you won’t see a positive change in your muscle mass.

Favour fruits and vegetables

Make sure that you include plenty of fruits and vegetables into your bodybuilding meal prep plan, as these foods will not only supply you with a strong source of rich nutrients, they will also give you extra vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to keep your body fighting fit and feeling strong.

Try chickpeas and other legumes for help with building muscle, as these are packed with protein and carbohydrates, whilst being low in fat. Other good choices include broccoli and spinach, as these contain lots of calcium, which plays a crucial role in muscular contractions, and maintaining strong bones.

Don’t forget about fat

Speaking of fat, it may sound contradictory when you’re looking to get healthier and fitter, but you need good sources of fat and fatty acids in order to boost your calorie intake for easier muscle gain. Nuts are a healthy source of fat, which can give you long-lasting energy for those workouts. Plus, taking in flaxseeds, flaxseed oil, and walnuts will supply you with the essential fatty acids you need, since you’ll be steering away from eating fatty fish or fish oil.

You could even try adding natural peanut butter to your diet, spread it over your food and mix it in with your bodybuilding meal prep whenever suitable, to increase your calorie intake and build muscle.

Consider complete proteins

Complete proteins contain all the essential amino acids that the body can’t make by itself and you need to make sure that you’re including as many vegetarian alternatives of these protein sources as possible. Try soy proteins, which are incredibly low in fat and cholesterol. Swap out your brown rice meals for some quinoa, which is higher in protein, full of fibre, iron, magnesium, and manganese.

Others include, hempseed for an easy source of Omega-3s, or the superfood spirulina, which when combined with grains, oats, nuts, or seeds forms a complete plant source of protein that comes complete with minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants.

Eat more and keep workouts shorter

Eat as frequently as possible throughout the day, as getting regular healthy meals will ensure your body gets the steady stream of amino acids it needs to build and repair your muscles.

Also, as a vegetarian make sure your workouts are shorter but more intense, to help prevent any loss in muscle mass from taking place. The longer your workouts are the more your body will need to burn through fat and the more elevated your protein needs will be.

I may take you longer to build muscle as a vegetarian, but by being consistent, sticking to your bodybuilding meal prep plans and your shorter more intense workout routine, you’ll soon be seeing more successful results.

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