This Is The Best Skipping Rope For Beginners

Over lockdown, many chose to jump back into using a skipping rope for exercise. And as fun as it looks, your first attempt as an adult will definitely humble you (take it from me). It’s really tricky to get the hand placement right and make the jump look effortless – I felt so uncoordinated when I began skipping rope a few months ago! So if you’ve been inspired by the jump rope community on social media but can’t quite get the basic bounce right, this guide will have you skipping like a pro in no time.

What is the best skipping rope for a beginner?

A beaded skipping rope is best for beginners. This is because the beads provide a bit of extra weight to give you more of a feel of the cable as it rotates around you. The added feedback makes learning new tricks easier because you’ll have a better idea of exactly when to jump or move your hands to perform a skill. Once you’ve got the hang of it, you could then try different types of skipping rope for speed work or calorie-burning.

P.s. you can mix and match your bead colours to keep your gym buddies guessing.

How heavy should a beginner jump rope be?

Any skipping rope that has some weight to it is best, but it’s recommended that you get started with a 1/2lb rope. Take a look at this beaded rope from Dope Ropes so you have a reference when shopping for your first skipping rope.

How much skipping should a beginner do?

To avoid injury, it’s best to start with just a 5 minute skipping rope session 3 times a week and see how you feel. Once your form improves and you’ve perfected the basic bounce, you can slowly build up to a 30-minute workout whenever you fancy switching up your cardio.

Is skipping good for weight loss?

The skipping rope is a fantastic calorie-burner for weight loss. It’s an intense, full-body workout that increases your heart rate, which is important for burning fat. Jumping rope also helps to tone your calves, tighten your core, improve your lung capacity, and build stamina.

If weight loss is your goal, you’ll need to step-up your nutrition alongside skipping to see results both physically and mentally. We have a range of tasty, healthy meal prep plans that are ready in just 3 minutes to help you achieve your weight loss goal.

Beginner skipping workout

Now that you know which skipping rope is best for beginners, you can go ahead and get started on your journey to becoming a pro! Just remember, jump rope is an intense cardio workout, so take it easy and rest up whenever your body is telling you to. Here’s a great jump rope for beginners Youtube tutorial I found really helpful if you’re unsure where to start:



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