The best online workout classes to help you stay fit at home

As we enter another week in lockdown, it’s one more week we’ve not been able to head to the gym for our regular spin class, or session on the weights. A large percentage of us have been donning our workout gear, hitting the floors of our living rooms or gardens, and have been turning to online fitness classes to help us stay in shape, on track and keep our mental health in check too. From zoom, to YouTube, to Instagram, we’ve rounded up some of the best online workout classes out there at the click of a few buttons: 


Yoga has been one of the saving graces of being stuck in lockdown for such a long period. Not only does it have substantial benefits for our physical health, but in times of uncertainty and anxiety, it is proven to help people manage their mental health. Particularly for those that suffer with anxiety.

If you’re looking for an online class to help take your down dog level up a notch, check out CorePower Yoga’s online channel. Every day, they run 2 classes at 2pm & 7pm focusing on different aspects of yoga and they’re all free of charge.

If you’re looking for something a little earlier in the day, Manchester based YogaLife are offering 16 classes a week Monday to Saturday, at various times throughout. All are bookable through their site.

HIIT and Cardio

If you’re wanting to burn some of those lockdown snacks off, HIIT workouts do the trick quite nicely. There’s arguably no one better to turn to than Barry’s UK. The London born fitness studio has taken their intense HIIT based sessions to Instagram live. Their classes include mainly full body workouts, which define what feeling the burn actually feels like.

Another company that has decided to follow suit is boxing studio Rumble. Whilst their usual classes require boxing equipment such as gloves and pads. They’re offering boxing inspired HIIT sessions on their Instagram page. 

Strength & Conditioning 

Keeping those strength gains going at home certainly can be tricky, luckily the guys at Live Strong have got your back. Their vast range of workouts cover most areas of fitness, but have a focus on strength and conditioning workouts to help you build the body you want. And they’re all free on their YouTube channel.


Plenty of parents across the country are keeping their little ones active and using up some of that stored energy by looking to online exercise classes. And the most popular person they’ve chosen to help with this is, the Body Coach himself, Joe Wicks. His YouTube based, P.E with Joe sessions have reached astronomical numbers and he’s still running them whilst school’s are closed, every morning Monday-Friday. 

Keeping on top of your fitness routine whilst being stuck in doors for large parts of the day can be tricky. And it’s just the same sticking to a nutrition or meal plan too. Having your meals prepped and ready to go can be a real saving grace and it will help fuel these workouts too. For more information, check out our range of meal prep plans.

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