Prep Perfect Ambassador Josh Bryant Answers Your Fitness Questions

Last month, PT, physio & Prep Perfect ambassador Josh Bryant (IG: @joshfbryant_) answered some of your fitness related questions. 

Josh has been a Personal trainer for over 10 yrs and physio for over 5. He played rugby when he was younger, and moved onto body building where he won a men’s physique championship.

Here’s a quick summary of his answers to your questions…

What are the best workouts to tone up the upper arms?

“Toning is a term that’s thrown around the fitness industry. It’s basically building muscle and losing body fat. In order to tone up your arms you need to build up some muscle while losing fat. Doing things like shoulder press for shoulders, lateral raises and bicep curls. I like incline bicep curls the best, and you can also try tricep extensions.”

How can I get motivated to go to the gym when I’ve had a busy day at work?

“If you’ve had a busy day at work the last thing you want to do is have an hour long workout. Simply doing quick half an hour blasts is a great way to keep yourself motivated.”

What are the best foods to eat for building muscle when you’re pushed for time?

“If you’ve run out of your prep perfect meals, then something as simple as tuna with some rice can work great.”

Any advice for people wanting to start becoming a PT, and to be a successful one?

“If you want to be a successful PT, the main thing really is to care about the client. You need to ensure that they’re enjoying everything they’re doing. And make sure the plans you give them are something that really works for them”

I’m on a lean bulk, do I still need cardio in my workout?

“You don’t really need to do cardio, as this really depends on whether you want to keep your fitness up. To be honest, when you’re training with weights this will work your cardiovascular system as well. You can feel this if you do heavy squats and you’re out of breath for example. This will probably be enough for your cardio.”

What is the best way to lose weight? Cardio or weight training?

Along with a good diet and being in a calorie deficit, I’d suggest weight training is the best way to lose body fat. Cardio should be added on top as a way for burning more calories. But if you have more muscle your basal metabolic rate will be higher.”

Best exercises to build strength for runners?

“If it’s long distance running – and I see a lot of long distance runners come in for physio because they don’t train legs, and they think running is training legs – I’d suggest a lot of leg strengthening work. Such as squats, hip abduction and weighted heel raises.”

If you’re a sprinter, doing similar things like squats can help but also add some plyometric work to increase speed and explosiveness.”

I’m suffering with a sore hip from working out, why is this?

“Tight glutes could be one reason, but there are many so I’d suggest getting this checked. There are lots of physical exams you can go through to find out what the issue is.”

How do you stay motivated every day?

“To be honest I’m not always motivated. But I set myself long term goals and set myself weekly goals to achieve these. I always just check in regularly, when I can, to make sure I’m achieving each objective.” 

What’s a healthy amount to work out per week?

“I’d say three times at least, and then anything up to six times a week. But listen to your body, if you need to rest, then rest. If you feel ready to do more, then do more.”

How long did it take you to get in the shape you’re currently in?

“I’ve been training for roughly 14 years now.”

Which weight lifting exercises would you recommend for beginners? 

“Start with full body workouts, I would start with machines first. For example, chest press, leg press and leg extensions. Then once you’ve built up some strength move onto squats, bench press, incline dumbbell press and those kinds of workouts.”

Thanks again to Josh for his answers, and remember, sticking to a structured workout plan and fuelling your body with nutritious meals, are the key factors to achieving all of your fitness goals.