Beginner’s Guide To Barre Workouts

Barre workouts are the latest fitness craze and it’s easy to see why. Combining elements of ballet, yoga, and pilates, a barre fitness class involves low-impact, high-rep moves to help build strength and improve flexibility. If you’ve been tempted to give it a go but are unsure whether it’s for you, we’ve created this beginner’s guide to barre workouts to build your confidence before your first day in the studio. 

What Is A Barre Workout?

Barre is a full-body workout that focuses on the major muscle groups including the arms, legs, glutes, and core, breaking them down into individual sections. Each muscle is worked by performing small, targeted movements that use a light weight (or bodyweight) with a high number of repetitions. Some sections of the class will also involve stretching to help you connect with your body on a deeper level and enhance flexibility. 

What To Expect From A Barre Fitness Class

Barre classes usually last around 60 minutes, starting with a warm-up before moving on to some upper body exercises. These tend to include free weights, push-ups, planks, and other moves that target the biceps, triceps, chest, and back. 

Then it’s time for the ballet barre. The best part is, you don’t need to be a good dancer to get in an effective workout. The instructor will get you to use both the ballet barre and your own bodyweight to focus on the thighs and glutes. Though your core will be engaged throughout the entire session, there will be a section that focuses purely on the core to help keep it nice and strong. 

The Benefits Of Barre Workouts

Perfect for individuals of all fitness levels, ballet barre workout benefits include: improved posture, muscle definition, weight loss, increased flexibility, and reduced stress levels.  They also make a great alternative to your normal workout routine, giving you the opportunity to try something different. And if you decide to keep going to barre class, you might make some new friends along the way. 

Barre Workout At Home

If you’re feeling nervous about attending your first barre fitness session, it’s a good idea to start at home with this Youtube video by one of our athletes Vicky Hadley so that you can get a better idea of what the class will entail. 
Now that you’re feeling ready to try a barre workout, why not stay on top of your nutrition too? We have a wide range of delicious meal prep plans tailored to your requirements to fuel your new workout routine.