A Starting Guide To Making Bodybuilding Meal Prep Easier

Bodybuilding meal prep isn’t easy and we know that finding and cooking those fitness-friendly foods can seem as though it’s going to be both time consuming and expensive, to say the least.

If you’re bodybuilding, then you’ll know that you need to pack in plenty of protein rich, healthy bulking foods into your diet in order to gain that muscle mass. But many people looking to get leaner, stronger and fitter still struggle to meet their health and fitness meal goals.

Fueling your body with the right foods to help you achieve your bodybuilding meal prep goals doesn’t have to be difficult, and with a bit of fine-tuning, eating well will soon become second nature. Before you know it you’ll be making those gains, or losing those pounds.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a quick starting guide to help you make your bodybuilding meal prep a breeze…

Understand healthy food choices

Before you begin your bodybuilding meal prep plans, it’s essential that you understand why eating healthy food matters. A healthy, well-balanced diet is beneficial for your mind and body, it gives you access to the correct amounts of carbs, fats, and proteins, along with plenty of vitamins and minerals to get your body working and feeling great.

When you’re building up your physique, what you eat is just as important, if not more so, than how often you workout and what exercises you do. For example, going overboard with the calories, or not consuming enough calories, can seriously affect your muscle building progress. It’s important to know just how much your body changes can be improved by focusing on your nutrition as much as your workout routine.

Commit to making time for meal prep

So, you know all about good healthy food and why you need it to succeed with your fitness goals, but how do you fit your bodybuilding meal prep into your busy lifestyle.

If you’re working full-time, or you have children and other responsibilities taking up most of your weekly schedule, then making the time for good meal choices can seem next to impossible. However, if you’re looking to boost your physique, performance and overall health then you have to make meal prep a priority.

When starting out with your bodybuilding meal prep, you may have to sacrifice the odd night out with friends, or record that episode of that tv show to watch later. Don’t worry you’ll be able to get all of this back when you get better at preparing healthy meals. If you show commitment then you will have already gotten over the most difficult hurdle.

Master the meal prep basics

Meal prep sounds stressful and not everyone has the time to prepare all of their meals for the week in just one day, but honestly – you won’t have too.

To get started with your bodybuilding meal prep just consider what you need to be eating:

Make sure your meals contain the three macronutrients of carbs, protein and fat.
Portion the food to fit your body, goals, gender, age and taste. For example, try eating about one gram of protein per pound of body weight, roughly 20-30 grams per meal.
Meals should include 20-30 grams of protein, some vegetables and some carbs, like rice or potatoes.

Once you’re happy with what you’re eating, figure out how you’re going to prepare those meals for the week. If you don’t have time to prepare them all at once, then take some time to make an extra dinner in the evening so that you can have it for lunch the next day.

Make sure to eat a healthy, protein packed breakfast before you leave for work in the morning, as this is hugely important for muscle gain. Try eating something substantial enough to keep your body full for at least three hours or so. Don’t forget to pack a scoop of protein powder and a healthy snack, like a piece of fruit with your lunch.

If you workout after work, have a fruit snack and a protein shake about 1-2 hours before you start exercising. After consuming a nutritiously rich evening meal, make sure to grab some berries and maybe a Greek yogurt before bed.

Eventually you might find yourself with more time to prepare those meals, in this case you can start making meals up to 2-3 days in advance. Cooking the meals in bulk for the entire week will make sure that you’re eating the right foods everyday, and will decrease the temptation to eat out or take a trip to the take-away.

Shop smart and get food that you enjoy

Write out your bodybuilding meal prep plan and recipes, so that you can buy the necessary ingredients in bulk from the supermarket, saving you both time and money.

There’s no reason to spend loads of cash getting expensive ingredients for your healthy recipes, just start with the basics and work from there. Stick with chicken or other vegetarian protein alternatives, such as beans, legumes and lentils. Get plenty of rice, potatoes and vegetables that aren’t expensive. You don’t have to buy organic or gluten-free if you don’t want too, but the option is there if you do.

Stop spending money on unhealthy snacks, instead focus that saved cash on purchasing whole foods that will keep you healthy and feeling full, like apples or tomatoes. Always check for sale items, visit farmers markets if you’d prefer an alternative to the supermarket, or buy frozen vegetables so that you can make them when you want.

Always get the healthy food that you enjoy so that your bodybuilding meal prep is more delicious than daunting, but take the time to experiment every now and then with new recipes, to keep things interesting.

Get a little help if you need it

Even if you’re reaping the rewards of successful meal prep and seeing the positive transformation in your body, you may sometimes still find yourself pushed for time and in need of some extra help to get those nutritious meals into your weekly routine.

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