5 Fitness Influencers That Will Instantly Brighten Your Feed

Saturated with ads and the same old content, Instagram can soon become a negative space you’d rather not be a part of. But making some changes to your feed and the people you follow can make a world of difference. Prep Perfect’s top tip? Remove anyone that makes you feel bad about yourself and start following the people who empower you instead. 

Here’s 5 of our favourite fitness influencers you can follow to instantly brighten your feed.


Yasmine works hard and trains even harder. Her dedication is infectious; not a day goes by where she’s not in the gym early hours or mastering a new trick with her skipping rope. Yasmine also loves sharing DIY tips, ranging from painting an old cabinet to making her new jump rope glow in the dark. It’s refreshing to see her realistic diet too, with a good balance of nutritious meals throughout the week and giant, gooey cookies at the weekend. 


You can’t help but smile when Meggan pops up on your feed. She’s a ray of sunshine who definitely doesn’t shy away from letting her followers know when she’s feeling under the weather. Meggan not only helps you feel better about any struggles you might have with anxiety and bad mental health days, but also shares tonnes of workout videos you can try at home or in the gym. During the first lockdown, she went live on her stories everyday at 10am so that her audience could follow a workout routine and be part of a positive community. 


Ben’s feed is hilarious and VERY relatable. Whether it’s his pure hatred for bulgarian split squats or the struggles of actually doing some cardio, Ben shares the realities of working out to make the fitness community more accessible for everyone. In amongst the funny TikTok’s and memes, he has some really helpful tips when it comes to fitness and nutrition too, which are all in an easy-to-digest format that always avoids any shaming language.


Elspeth is a huge advocate for exercising for your mental health, encouraging her followers to find something they love and stick at it. She does yoga and boxing regularly, has a podcast to keep people company, and is always extremely raw and honest in her captions. We think she’s a fantastic role model because her Instagram doesn’t solely focus on the good days. She teaches her audience that it’s perfectly normal to struggle and lose your way, providing tips and resources that have helped her in the past. 


Included in our must-try dance workouts blog, The Fitness Marshall is definitely worth following on Instagram too. He shares the good, the bad, and the ugly of being a fitness pop star, using reels to show hilarious bloopers from behind the scenes. The amount of effort he puts into the choreography for each dance is unbelievably inspiring, and it’s clear to see he cares for and listens to his audience, allowing them to choose which dance move they’d most like to see in the next video and offering low-impact alternatives.