Your Fitness Food Delivered

Neale Cranwell

Food for the Gym

Achieving your fitness goals is a balance between hard work, regular exercise, a well planned routine and of course an excellent diet. But sourcing and preparing meals to fit your diet is a time consuming process, which is where we come in come in to save the day!
After a hard session in the gym, your muscles have been broken down and are in need of instant nutrition to allow them to recover and grow – ideally you should be consuming this nutrition within half an hour of your workout. This can be particularly tough if you have far to travel from the gym and no healthy food nearby.
This was a key inspiration behind our service of preparing and delivering nutritious, protein filled meals to your door. We recommend our client’s take one of our freshly prepared meals to the gym so that they can replenish their protein and energy levels quickly after a workout.

Bodybuilding Meals & Competition Prep

As a bodybuilder, if you are looking to bulk up or get ripped, we understand how important it is for you to know the exact number of macros and calories going into your body. The numbers are important and as you are supposed to be eating so often you want the food to taste great too.
We also understand the time and preparation it takes to cook your meals for the week to fit in with your diet. Knowing these struggles we set out to create a highly tailored service to allow body builders and those preparing for competitions to give us their goals, recipes and/or nutritional requirements and allow us to do the prep work for you.
Our bespoke meal plans are built with you, specifically for you. You simply give us the spec, then we cook it up and deliver it to your door.

Ways To Order

We use fresh ingredients to prepare healthy, ready-to-eat meals and deliver them straight to your door.