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Diet Meals Delivered To Your Door

Dieting is tough. It can be hard to know the right foods to eat and you often buy the same meals over and over for convenience.

Then there’s the preparation – shopping, cooking & packaging your meals takes time. And forgetting to prepare them means you can easily fall off the wagon!

There’s a better way.

At Prep Perfect, you choose your meals online and our michelin trained chefs cook them up using fresh ingredients and deliver your dishes directly to your door.

Prep Perfect make it easy to stay on track with your diet by supplying you with a regular stream of healthy, nutritious meals. We save you the hassle of planning, shopping & preparation so you can spend your time doing what you do best.

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Prep Perfect offer a range of ways to order to help you tailor your diet meals to your tastes & nutritional needs.

What Our Customers Think

“Just placed my second order after being really pleased with the meals last time. With having a new baby and working full time there’s very little time to get food prepped for a training diet so these are perfect.”

Justin Watts

“I’ve been using Prep Perfect meals for over a year. I use them to refuel after gym sessions and also take them to the office. The service saves me a huge amount of time preparing meals and allows me to focus in on what I need to do throughout the day.”

Joe Read

“Just finished my first week, must say these really are amazing meals full of flavour enjoyable to eat and nice and healthy. Would recommend this for anyone trying to lose weight or fuel up for muscle and are living a busy lifestyle.”

Mary-Beth McCue