Working from home? Here’s why you should use meal prep

Using meal prep when working from an office can be extremely beneficial, it cuts out the time needed to prep in the morning or the night before, and allows for healthy meals to be eaten rather than picking up less nutritious food on the commute or on a lunch break. 

But with many of us still working from home, why should this be any different? Many of us may fall into the habit of eating ‘convenience’ food, or not spending the time to make ourselves a healthy meal when working from home. 

Here are some of the main benefits of using meal prep when working from home: 

Make the most of your lunch break 

Having meal prep allows you to make the most of your lunch hour, rather than slaving away in front of the stove, you can simply pop your meal in the microwave, wait 3 minutes – and it’s done. Leaving the rest of your lunchtime to spend it how you wish, coming back to work afterwards feeling refreshed and energised. 

Reducing stress levels through nutrition

Stress levels when at work can sometimes be unavoidable, with heavy workloads, and deadlines, it can be difficult to stay stress-free, especially when working from home without being surrounded by your colleagues. However, the food we eat can have a massive impact on our stress levels, so we can regulate these with foods that have a positive effect on our hormones. Along with eating the correct meals, it is important not to skip meals due to a lack of time to eat, as this will also negatively affect your stress levels. Using a meal prep delivery service can ensure you are getting quick and easy meals, packed with foods filled with the correct vitamins and minerals needed to maintain a healthy production of stress hormones.

Increases productivity

Ensuring you are eating a well-balanced, high-quality diet will improve the quality of the work you produce, as food has a direct impact on the way we feel. Consuming a low-quality diet of convenience foods that lack nutritious value can cause fatigue, inability to concentrate and irritability, making it impossible to work to your best ability. 

Fewer visits to the shops 

Ordering from a meal prep service saves the hassle of popping out to the shops as often as you may have before. You can limit your supermarket visits, and save your free time, to spend on yourself. 

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