Nutrient Rich Meals

Using fresh locally sourced ingredients, each meal is designed to be as well-balanced and nutritious as possible.

Michelin Chef Crafted

These are no ordinary ready meals - they are prepared by expert chefs who know healthy food should look and taste fantastic.

Delivered Fresh To Your Door

In the kitchen we perfectly prep each meal by hand before they’re packed up and delivered directly to your door.


Being a super-active child, I was always slim and healthy. And with mum being a single parent of two, takeaways and junk food were a real rarity - a treat to look forward to.

However, after leaving home at 17 that all changed. With no real cooking experience and the freedom to eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, weekdays would be filled with fizzy drinks and easy convenience food. Then weekends were takeaway time! It was a novelty to have the freedom to buy and eat what I wanted, but soon enough I started to put on weight.

As a young twenty-something I was desperate to lose the weight. But I definitely did not go about it the right way. Crash diets that didn’t work were supplemented by lethal slimming pills. I wanted to look good but I didn’t care about being healthy. It took being hospitalised for 10 days with a severe kidney infection and anaemia to wake me up and make me realise my whole life was out of balance. I couldn’t carry on like this.

Pregnant with my first child at 24, I studied to become a Sports Therapist. Two years of intense studying of Anatomy & Physiology and the thought of getting healthy for my unborn child definitely spurred me on to change my ways.

Spending so much time in the gym I inevitably picked up the training bug. But my fear of food was still behind me and it became apparent that I wasn’t eating enough to support my training. Slowly I adopted a much healthier approach to food but found myself stuck eating the same things over and over again.

My real lightbulb moment came after my friend Joe posted pictures of the meal prep he’d created for his girlfriend on social media. Being a chef, he was able to create varied, nutritious meals that were both healthy and convenient. I saw that healthy eating could be available to everyone; whether they were busy spending their time training at the gym or were juggling work and parenthood.

Our menus cater to all, providing the foundation for people to create well-balanced, healthy lives for themselves. Food is of huge importance to life: it can be your greatest medicine or the worst poison. But I’ve learnt that it’s not something to obsess over. It’s just one part in achieving a healthier, happier you.

What We Believe

Love Your Body

No Guilt, Restrictions or Fad Diets

Don't Be a Slave to the Scale

Eating Well is A Form of Self Respect

You Deserve That weekend Treat

Nutritious Food Doesn't Have to Boring

Food Shouldn't Consume Your Life

Hydration is Good for the Soul